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REQHRNike roshe run KTsZ tJO
« on: April 21, 2017, 05:34:10 PM »
adidas慢跑鞋,Perhaps too close, and perhaps we did not think BOSS attack would be so sudden, unconsciously, has entered the scope of BOSS attacks we do not realize the danger of approaching. It is at this time, a huge palm suddenly horizontal swing, no fancy toward me and the birds always sweep! Rao is my reaction and then faster, at the moment can only Kankan Horcrux sword, defense! If I can barely defensive, then there is no time to resist the bird is not always so lucky, the flame Master slightly thin body directly swept by the BOSS, suddenly brought out a large number of injuries.
Converse,In view of this, I could not help turned around and shouted: birds always go to kill, and this guy can not recklessly! Voice down, the whole body suddenly left a meal, boots a turn, then around to the BOSS light behind, followed by the demons of the sword fall, Qijue Jian Qi! But also a string of more than 6,000 points of damage figures, although the explosive Qijue Jianqi and not on the ice-cut ice, but on the overall output, seven Jian Qi this skill to hurt the value or so high on a little bit. 銆怓rost Blow銆? Icefield lords of the unique skills, the strength of the outbreak of ice, hit the target monomer effect, the value of their physical damage is 210% of the attack plus 105 points, 35 minutes of CD time.
Converse帆布鞋,Monster Description: Ice King Lords, very cold wind tunnel deep real guardian, the legendary extremely tyrannical existence, with incredible power. When the whole person was rolled into the air the moment, I did not think too much, in fact, as long as I can stand up, in front of the lion's fate is only one, that is down, there is no suspense down. Not only because of its life at the moment the value of only the poor 20%, more importantly, because at this time I have completely clear the way to deal with it, in such circumstances, just let a big move BOSS Almost did not kill me the possibility.