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As the police continue their hunt for murder suspect Mark Reid,NFL Cheap Jerseys, a postmortem has revealed that his father, Andrew Reid,Cheap NFL Jerseys, was beaten and strangled.A senior police official confirmed that the postmortem showed that the 82-year-old pensioner died from manual strangulation and brain hemorrhage.His son, Mark Reid, is the prime suspect in the killing. The ex-convict has not returned to his Canvas City home since his father’s body was found last Saturday. He was spotted in the Blue Berry Hill Squatting area and Amelia’s Ward on Sunday.Reid only returned to Guyana about a year ago after his release from a Suriname prison, where he had spent nine years for armed robbery.The body of Andrew Reid, of Lot 543 Canvas City, Linden, was found on the floor of his bedroom with a gaping head wound around noon on Saturday.His wedding ring was missing, as well as gold chains and two rings belonging to his wife.While the bedroom was ransacked, there was no sign of forced entry.Indications are that the pensioner could have done little to defend himself, since he was infirm and his legs were badly swollen.Esther Reid, the murdered man’s reputed wife, told Kaieteur News that she last saw him alive around 09.00 hrs, when she left for church.She returned around 12.45 hrs,Jerseys China Wholesale, and found her husband dead. She recalled that his upper body was on the floor while his feet were on a bench.Mrs. Reid said that she last saw the prime suspect, who is her stepson,Cheap Jerseys Online, last week Thursday. She alleged that on Saturday,Wholesale Jerseys, the son had visited Mr. Reid,China Jerseys, who was a Seventh Day Adventist, and enquired if he was going to church that day.Mr. Reid reportedly told his son that he would be at home, while his wife would be at church.Mrs. Reid said that the suspect had also visited his father on Friday when she was out. Some relatives alleged that the suspect was in the habit of visiting his father and demanding money.

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…Corporation also pays for children in boarding/private schools in London,cheap nfl jerseys, GuyanaAn Engineer and expatriate at the Guyana Sugar Corporation is being paid salary and allowances amounting to $2.5M monthly in addition to what could be considered perks, thus taking his monthly earnings beyond $3 million per month.This newspaper has been reliably informed that the Engineer,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Henry Lung-Kit, was retained from the previous management team,Wholesale Jerseys, Booker Tate.Outside of his salary, Lung-Kit is also afforded the same privileges of the company’s Chief Executive Officer Errol Hanoman,China Jerseys, including furnished house, vehicle,NFL Jerseys Authentic, medical expenses, airfare for him and his family. He also receives boarding school fees for a child in London,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, England and another child in Guyana who attends private school.Lung-Kit has been employed with GuySuCo close to 10 years now.This newspaper on Sunday last reported that Hanoman also receives a “super-salary.”The Alliance For Change had subsequently lashed out at the cash-strapped company’s disparity in the salaries paid to its employees.The party’s chairman Khemraj Ramjattan said, “This is outrageous in the context of GuySuCo which is in a pathetic financial situation…This disparity as to what the bosses get and what ordinary sugar workers get is most extreme!”

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First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger,Cheap Jerseys Online, on Friday evening, joined celebrations with Pastor Joel Uwagboe and the congregation of the Freedom Life Ministries Church to usher in the season of goodwill at the second Annual Christmas light-up, hosted at the church’s Georgetown sanctuary located at Princes and Lyng Streets,NFL Jerseys Supply, Charlestown, Georgetown.Scores of persons assembled on the church’s bridge and spilled out onto a section of the roadway as they enjoyed the lively programme, which was hosted under the theme “Jesus, the Light of the World”.The First Lady said that the celebrations had “truly put her into the Christmas spirit”. At the same time, she noted that it was important to remember the reason for this special season on the Christian calendar and that we are all equal in the sight of God.“The message of the birth of Christ was not only given to the powerful kings; the high and mighty,NFL Jerseys Cheap, but also to poor, ordinary folk, shepherds, proving that each and everyone is equal and important in the eyes of God,” Mrs. Granger said.The First Lady also said that it is particularly important for Christians to remember to emulate Christ’s example and show kindness. “Let us remember those who are ill,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, downtrodden and less fortunate,wholesale jerseys, and share what we have with them. It may include material things, a message of faith, a helping hand, or a friendly smile,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” she said.The celebrations opened with prayers and a medley of Christmas songs sung by the church’s choir. It also featured a dance by a visiting African Dance Troupe. Before the close of the celebrations the First Lady and Pastor Uwagboe flipped a switch to light up the 20-foot tall Christmas tree, to the delight of scores of screaming children. The First Lady also helped to distribute presents and snacks to the children at the close of the ceremony.

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Another complaint about a popular herbalist that goes by the name of ‘Sister Lynn’ has surfaced. This time, a Corentyne woman is claiming that her son started to vomit blood one day after using liquid bottled concoctions that she purchased from the herbalist’s Number Two Village, East Canje clinic in December.JoshuaAccording to Esther Tickchand, the treatment was supposed to have been for skin cancer and resulted in her dishing out US$1100 [$220,000] to the herbalist, who refused to repay any money after the vomiting episodes and allegedly chased her out of the clinic.Tickchand said that her son, Joshua,Jerseys NFL China, 19, had a skin condition. “He had some black spots coming out of his skin”, she stated.The boy visited numerous doctors who agreed that he had an allergic reaction “and they were treating him”. But it so happened that one night while enjoying an evening with the family, Tickchand was channel surfing and there was self- proclaimed herbalist Sister Lynn (whose real name is Lurline Smith) on the television hosting her Live TV herbal call-in programme.She decided to take her son to the clinic at Number Two Village on December 12, last, “and when she [Sister Lynn] looked at him,wholesale jerseys, she said that the boy does not have a skin problem—he has a skin cancer”. She told the herbalist that the boy had visited five doctors, [one at] N/A Hospital, Dr. Anamayah, Dr. Walter Singh,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Dr. Narine, and Dr. Balwant Singh and “all of them said it was the same problem and he was on a tablet called Prednisolone”. She stated that it “kept the spots down but the spots did not disappear. That was the reason I took him to [Sister] Lynn”.He would usually have high fever and headaches when the spots would appear on the skin, “and when I carry him to Sister Lynn, she said that the boy has skin cancer, so I started to cry and told her that it was not possible…so she said that the doctors want to ‘hang their mouth’ and that she (is) trained and certified to treat cancer and that she would treat him three-month treatment and the boy would get better”.Tickchand then enquired how much the treatment would cost, “and she told me US$1100. Then she said it will be another next $29,000 separate for three cancer injections and some cancer pills”. The woman doled out the $29,NFL Jerseys Supply,000 the very day and paid the $220,000 the following day.The drugsThe treatment comprised of several one- liter water bottles filled with liquid, one marked ‘Herbal tea’, tube creams, etc.During the second day of treatment,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the boy started to vomit blood. “I went back and told her and she said that she cannot do anything about that and those drugs are expensive. So I asked her to return some of my money but she did not want to do that”.Upon advice from family members, she was asked to do a biopsy to determine whether the teen had skin cancer, which she later did with Dr. Motilall at the Anamayah Memorial Hospital in Corentyne, on December 15, 2012. The results proved negative.“So I went back and told her and showed her the results and she started to threaten me to get out of there because I ‘do not know she is who and that she deals with Maccabee bible and that she can appear and disappear’.“But I know she was just trying to scare me to get out of there”. Repeated attempts to reason with Sister Lynn to collect back some of the money proved futile and Tickchand then made a report at the Central Police Station. “There was not [any] justice there and they told me that I have to go take a private action [lawyer]”.However, the woman said that taking a lawyer to sue Sister Lynn for receiving money under false pretence would be too expensive, given that she already dished out US$1100 for the treatment.‘She ripping off a lot of people because afterwards then I get to hear…that people telling me that she is a fraud and not only here—Georgetown too—Also I was made to understand that she did it to another man in the next village- -she took almost $249,000 from those people and almost killed the man too”.When contacted, Sister Lynn stated that Tickchand “is a lying, wicked bitch”. “It get some very wicked people—I have clients who can tell you about me”,China Jerseys, she stated. She noted, too, that she never told Tickchand that the boy had skin cancer, rather that the black lesions could become cancerous and prescribed the concoctions and treatment.“People come to me—no one is forced to come to me because they visit all the doctors and when they get fed up they come to me”. Sister Lynn stated, too, that she is an “indigenous lady and I have a right to practice my indigenous rights”.The Guyana Association for Alternative Medicine has distanced itself from some self-proclaimed herbalists.

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Police are reportedly close to laying charges against a suspect in the murder of 48-year-old boat captain, Shankar Kumar, whose body was fished out of the Berbice River last month after a fight on his vessel.Kaieteur News understands that the suspect,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, who is from Berbice, was picked out in a police identification parade yesterday.Reports are that Kumar,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, called ‘Coolie’ of Uitvlugt Estate Road, East Bank Essequibo, jumped into the Berbice River after a fight broke out on the boat,Jerseys China Wholesale, ‘Savie II,NFL Jerseys Authentic, that he was in charge of.Another crew member, Trevor Williams,Jerseys NFL China, was doused with hot oil.The owner of the vessel,NFL Jerseys Supply, Deonarine Sukdeo, said that he was told that the six crew members were attacked by one of their colleagues and that Kumar and two others jumped overboard.The two were rescued by a passing fishing vessel but they related that Kumar was unable to reach the vessel.His body was found a few days later on the West Berbice Foreshore.Two other crewmembers stayed on board and were reportedly beaten.Sukdeo said that the two crewmembers who stayed behind on the boat said that their attacker sought help from a passing vessel to get to shore.The alleged attacker also reportedly took the injured Williams onto the other boat. Williams was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital by his alleged attacker who subsequently fled.The motive for the fracas is unclear.

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The police, on Thursday, acting on a tip off, stormed the Warlock, East Ruimveldt, home of a couple and unearthed a large quantity of marijuana, guns and ammunitions.Waveney PaulThree persons who had access to the house were brought before the court to answer to a series of charges that stemmed from the raid.Yesterday,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Eustace Thomas, 43, of 606 East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, Waveney and Ervin Paul of 596 East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, pleaded not guilty to five charges after they were read to them by Magistrate Ann McLennan.The first charge alleged that on June 4,Jerseys NFL China, they had 482 grammes of cannabis in their possession for the purpose of trafficking.Particulars of the second charge stated that on June 4,NFL Jerseys Supply, they had one .38 revolver in their possession when they are not the holders of a firearm licence.The third charge stated that the defendants had six live rounds of .38 ammunition in their possession.It was alleged that on the day in question, 11 rounds of 9mm ammunition were found in their possession,Finally, the trio was accused of having MAC-11, 9mm ammunition in their possession, when they were not the holders of a firearm licence.According to the prosecutor,Cheap NFL Jerseys, on the day in question, the police proceeded to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul,Wholesale Jerseys, to carry out a search after receiving certain information.A search was conducted on the lower flat of the building and the .38 revolver along with six live rounds of ammunition were found stashed in a bag inside of a room.They then proceeded to the upper flat of the building and intensified their search. This was when they found the MAC- 11, 9mm ammunition, and the cannabis inside Thomas’s room.The court was also told that the defendants have access to the home.Attorney, Paul Fung-A-Fat, who represented the couple, said that he cannot understand why his clients are being charged for drug trafficking, since the alleged cannabis was found in the other defendant’s room.The lawyer stated that Paul and his wife reside at the lower flat of the building and are denying ownership and possession of the items mentioned in the charges.Ervin Paul and his wife were released on $150,China NFL Jerseys,000 bail each, on the narcotic charge, while the other accused was remanded to prison. On the gun and ammunition possession charges, the trio   was remanded to prison.This matter will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice. Additional statements are all expected to be filed for June 30.

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– body bore stab woundsA West Ruimveldt Internet café owner was stabbed to death, at around 20:30 hrs last evening, in an alleyway a short distance from his home.The victim, identified as Desmond Davis, 38, called ‘Lion’, of Lot 251 West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, was found lying in a pool of blood in the alleyway with stab wounds to his abdomen and right arm.Reports indicate that he was attacked while coming out of the area on his motorcycle during a power outage.While family members declined to comment on a motive,NFL Jerseys Supply, there are reports that Davis was slain by someone with whom he had an ongoing feud.Kaieteur News understands that Davis was coming through the alleyway when the individual with whom he had a dispute confronted him.An argument ensued, during which the individual whipped out a sharp object and stabbed Davis.However,China Jerseys, Davis’s body apparently lay in the dark alleyway for several minutes before it was discovered. Although several persons live near the alleyway, none of them admitted to seeing or hearing anything unusual.A female resident said that her 11-year-old son was walking through the alleyway when he spotted Davis lying in a pool of blood on the ground.Responding to the lad’s cries,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the woman went to the scene, and, by the light of her cell phone,China NFL Jerseys, recognised the victim as Davis.He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation,wholesale jerseys, where doctors confirmed that he was dead.Another woman said that Davis was playing cards at her house, and left when the power failure occurred.Shortly after,Wholesale Jerseys From China, she heard that he had been slain.The slain man’s blood-streaked motorcycle was subsequently handed over to his relatives.

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PAT DIALMost Guyanese,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, today, are not aware of the importance of the Fire Service to the protection of the lives, property and comfort of citizens.  The Fire Service is taken for granted unlike in the last century when citizens were very aware of its importanceIn those times,China Jerseys, there was an aura of romance about the “Fire Brigade” as it was then known.  Children at school aspired to be firemen and a good proportion of the Professional and Business classes joined the Auxiliary Fire Brigade since being a member was something of a status symbol.Though the work and activities of the Fire Brigade, now known as “The Guyana Fire Service,” have expanded manifold, people are now even less cognizant of its importance.  The only time when one seems to know of the Fire Service is when one is in trouble.In this week’s Consumer Concerns, we thought of focusing on the Guyana Fire Service so that Consumers and the public at large could once again begin to be conscious of this important segment of Guyanese life.We therefore spoke with Mr. McGregor, the acting Fire Chief, since Mr. Marlon Gentle, the substantive Fire Chief was on leave.  Mr. McGregor handed us over to Mr. Compton Sparman, the longest serving officer of the Fire Service,NFL Cheap Jerseys, and as expected, he was a mine of information and anecdotes.In earlier colonial times, the Fire Brigade was centered in Georgetown. The Georgetown Service had the responsibility countrywide in spite of the fact that each sugar plantation had a fire extinguishing unit of its own.  Today, the Service has a true presence in every part of the country:In Georgetown there are four stations – Stabroek which is headquarters, Alberttown, Campbellville and West Ruimveldt.  On East Bank Demerara, there is a station at Diamond and one at Timehri.  The Timehri station specializes in dealing with aircraft fires, aircraft running off the runways,Wholesale Jerseys From China, and other possible aeroplane accidents as well as the usual fire-fighting duties.On West Coast Demerara, there is the Leonora Station.  In Berbice,cheap nfl jerseys, there are four stations – Onverwagt, New Amsterdam and two in Corriverton.  There are also stations at Linden, Bartica and Anna Regina.  There are five Auxiliary Stations at Lethem, Kwakwani, Port Kaituma, Mabaruma and Mazaruni.The Fire Service deals with fires of all types as for example, grass fires, house fires, electrical fires, aircraft and fuel fires.  Each type of fire requires its own technique of extinguishing – some types of fire require the use of water, others may require the use of foam or dry powder.  Sometimes, it is necessary to employ the use of explosives.In addition to its core activity of extinguishing fires, the Fire Service offers a plethora of services and help to the public.  We will mention some of these so that the public may have a better understanding of the important role of the Fire Service to the life of the community and at the same time, inform them of the many services open to all.Rescuing victims of various kinds of accidents is one of the daily activities of the Fire Service.  For example, collapsing old houses, in traffic accidents or in construction work, the Fire Service is the only entity which possesses the necessary tools such as various types of appropriate saws, jacks,Wholesale Jerseys, hammers and other tools and is able to apply these immediately.  At the same time, the Fire Service is always ready to offer first aid to victims.There are other types of rescue.  Sometimes someone may be marooned on a tall tree and can’t come down, or a construction worker on a very high scaffold may have an attack of vertigo and has to be brought down to save his life or a would-be suicide from a house roof.Animals are also rescued as for example someone’s valuable pet cat climbing a high tree and can’t come down or horses falling into canals and have to be lifted out.During periods of drought or water shortage, the Service has kept institutions such as schools, Help and Shelter, the Palms and even private residences supplied with water.The Service often has to hose out tarmacs in preparation for public and even private functions.  It would adjust flags and flag poles for embassies, government departments and even private residences.  It would blow out drains in various parts of the City thus facilitating easier drainage.At a fee, it would supply visiting ships with water, salvage sunken ships or pump out water from ships which may be taking in water.One of the most useful services to the community is the Fire Service’s ambulance.  Quite often, the ambulance is the only one available at the time of an accident or to fetch the sick when other ambulances are unavailable.  And first-aid is a continuous activity at all times.One very important aspect of the administration of the Service is the continuous training of firemen in the most modern techniques.The Fire Service runs a Training Complex at Leonora which accommodates 60 trainees.  There is also continuous foreign training in the Caribbean, especially in Barbados and Trinidad.  Training in the United Kingdom is a tradition which has continued from colonial times; for example, seven firemen went to England last year for 5-week training programmes.Despite the great impact the Service makes on Guyanese life, the Management is not complacent but is always working for improvements.

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As earlier indicated by CARICOM Assistant Secretary General for Human and Social Development,Wholesale Jerseys, Dr. Edward Greene,NFL Jerseys Supply, the development of a crime prevention strategy was discussed at the seventeenth meeting of the Council for Human and Social Development (COHSOD). The forum concluded yesterday and a strategy formulated by the Secretariat in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) was put on the table.“It’s a programme out of Austria and its something that we are following through with…It is something very important because of the level of violence in schools and the issues related to adolescents, crime and violence,Cheap NFL Jerseys,” Dr. Greene informed.“In the Council for Human and Social Development where we place emphasis on people, and in particular the youth,NFL Jerseys Authentic, we are concerned with how you prevent the development of crime and what are some of the aspects of prevention that are of direct relation to education in particular as well as youth programmes.”According to him, the crime prevention programme is something that was discussed recently with some external partners and that strategy would engage the schools as well as the community groups.“The programme is a very important aspect of how we deal with reducing the level of crime, and in particular crime as it affects our youth.Dr Greene stated that crime prevention is not only about programmes to check the rate of crime but it also relates to collaborations with the economic and  tourist sectors so that people are aware and it also has to do with a reduction of poverty since crime is driven by need.According to him,Cheap Jerseys Online, all countries need this,NFL Jerseys Supply, especially if it is being looked at from the CSME and free movement point of view. “You could safely say that crime could easily spread.”Dr Greene noted that it is important to note that crime has to be tackled regionally and that is the reason why this crime prevention strategy is a regional one and it really complements an ongoing programme which is done under the Council for National Security and law enforcement council in which the secretariat drives some of the policy.“So while we do the crime prevention, we have an allied group, Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS), which is located in Trinidad and Tobago that deals with the implementation of some of the strategies like border security. We are tackling this problem of crime and security at the regional level, cognizant of the fact that some countries have greater needs at this present time than others.”

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Despite inclement weather,Jerseys China Wholesale, the four-lane expansion works from the ‘high-bridge’ at Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) to Diamond/ Grove are moving apace. In fact,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the contractor,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, BK International,NFL Jerseys Supply, has utilized the rainy conditions to compact the sand-filled lanes created.The high-bridge that will be reconstructedAccording to the company’s Second Checker, the rains did not negatively impact the project. After the May-June rains loam and cement will be applied, before fully transforming the stretch into a four-lane road.It was emphasized that the drainage capacity in the area was not tampered with to create the roadway. However,NFL Jerseys Authentic, Diamond’s deplorable car park will be removed and probably be placed in neighbouring Grove to accommodate works on the corridor.A significant portion of those works should conclude within the next three months.Another major aspect of this US$3.4M project is the flattening of the ‘high-bridge’ and its expansion.This will see disruption in the flow of traffic,Jerseys NFL China, but the company will try to enforce proper traffic management. The employee emphasized that to the right of the bridge a two-lane carriageway would be erected and to the left a one-lane road.He added that those three-lanes would facilitate traffic while the contractor flattens the bridge. When concluded the new structure and the two lanes would be used as the main road, and the extra lane will be discarded.The canal which empties water from DDL into the Demerara River would not be affected. The contractor will install pipes when reconstructing the structure. However, DDL’s wooden fence will have to be removed to accommodate the new lanes.In addition, utility poles will have to be removed also.

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A King is considered a ruler and is respected by all throughout de land like de King of England or de King of Spain. People know dem to be decent and hanest.Other parts of de world got kings too but all of dem is not de same. Guyana got couple and dem just plain indecent and dishanest. One of dem been de wukking good in Brazil. She was a big thing until Uncle Donald find out that she actions mek she wuss than a li’l thing.Is not dem boys seh suh, is Uncle Donald seh that she involve in wrongdoing and he fire she.Another one name Fred King. He wukking wid culture. De Parliament tell he that he got to put back $35 million wha he and he Minister hide.  That money was given to dem to start up some church channel. Is either dem ain’t got church or dem ain’t got channel. King ain’t set up none of de two.Dem got a King wukking wid de Ministry of Health but she does only deal wid de dead and de paper fuh bun dem. In order fuh get you dead fuh bury,wholesale jerseys, you got to give she a raise,Jerseys China Wholesale, and no ordinary raise. Dem boys ain’t call that dishonest,Jerseys NFL China, dem call it facilitatious. That mean that she helping out and at de same time helping she self.You better give she, because it ain’t mek sense burying de money or bunning it.We got a King at de Waterfalls paper wukking side by side wid dem boys. He ain’t dishonest but he stupidy.He just like de mudda who give up she daughta wha kill de lady in Agricola. De police tun up early o’clock at she door and ask she bout de whereabouts of she daughter de night before.De daughta,Cheap Jerseys Online, when she get arrest,NFL Jerseys Cheap, tell de police that she been home de whole night. But like any hanest mother de woman tell de police that she daughter been out ‘bout 10 o’clock de night and she nah know wha time she come home. If she daughta did give she a wink or a heads up of wha she do,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, de mudda woulda swear that she daughta never lef de home in a whole month.Is de same thing when thief man get shot. Dey mudda does always seh how dem just been out fuh buy bread or tennis roll.Not dem boys seh suh. Is dem own family members does tell de media that fuh paint a good picture of dem children and fuh draw sympathy. Talk half and pray fuh all of dem.

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Barbadian Member of Parliament,Jerseys China Wholesale, Edmund Hinkson, wants Guyanese to boost the island’s agriculture,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, and has said that the country erred in sending back to Guyana a large number of these workers between 2008 and 2010.Barbadian Parliamentarian, Edmund HinksonNoting the decline in the island’s agriculture since the Guyanese were booted out, the Opposition Barbados Labour Party Parliamentarian has urged Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to use his close friendship with President David Granger to work out an arrangement where Guyanese with knowledge in agriculture could be brought to Barbados to work for specific periods.Hinkson made the plea in the Barbados Parliament on Tuesday during a debate on a resolution for government to guarantee a loan of Bar$73 million (Bar$1 = US 50 cents) to its ailing sugar industry. He recalled that when the current government came to power in 2008, led by now deceased Prime Minister David Thompson, it embarked on a programme of mass deportation of Guyanese,NFL Cheap Jerseys, many of whom had been working in agriculture production.“So we sent home the Guyanese who were enhancing the agriculture sector of Barbados.“So what is the policy now on this issue?” he asked,China NFL Jerseys, noting that in order to support the plan to use the $73 million in the sugar industry, it would need such workers, who are not now present on the island.Hinkson spoke of Guyanese working prior to 2008 under the then Barbados Labour Party government, “and keeping that sector above water,” but he added, “They were discouraged. They were sent home to the detriment of the agriculture sector and other aspects of the Barbados economy”.“These people were here spending money, paying rent, buying clothes,NFL Jerseys Supply, increasing the economy of Barbados.”He advised Prime Minister Stuart – who received Guyana’s second highest honour, The Order of Roraima, in February – to ignore the position of the late Prime Minister Thompson, who Stuart succeeded, and devise a programme for getting Guyanese workers back on the island.Hinkson noted that the Central Bank of Barbados has reported on a continued decline in agricultural production over recent years.He said, “we can only urge the Prime Minister to look at this issue, and if it is that we need to bring in people from the Caribbean to work the agriculture industry under a regulated basis, not saying en masse,cheap nfl jerseys, and a farm labour type programme for a few months a year, let us do that”.

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…volunteers his service to ease flood woesPresidential Candidate for the People’s National Congress Reform,China NFL Jerseys, David Granger,Cheap Jerseys Online, accompanied by a team that included Dr George Norton, yesterday visited the flood- affected community of Lethem.Granger,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, at an emergency press conference at Congress Place, Sophia, said that he and his team carried relief supplies and emergency equipment for the immediate distribution to the residents.The items were distributed to displaced persons who have been housed temporarily at the Culvert City Nursery School and Arapaima Primary School.According to Granger the team had to move around the flood-affected community by boat. The schools are not proper; nursing mothers do not have any privacy,Wholesale Jerseys, he said.He further told the media that there are no baths for persons who are housed at the school.He said that although the Rupununi is nearly 58,000 square kilometer and is one of Guyana’s largest region, surprisingly, the infrastructure is so poorly developed.“This rainfall in early June has completely cut the Region off from the rest of the country,” Granger said.According to Granger parts of the Linden–Lethem road are inundated and vehicles along with passengers have been stranded and are unable to reach their destinations.“We have trucks stuck in the road and persons are stranded there,Wholesale Jerseys From China,” Granger told the media.Granger said that the runway at the Lethem aerodrome is “cracking up” and is becoming dangerous for aircraft.“If the government could spend millions to resurface the South Dakota racing circuit why can’t they refurbish the airstrip?”He said that situation has been aggravated by unplanned settlement, under-developed infrastructure and an unprepared administration which was overwhelmed by the catastrophe.According to the presidential candidate the town should not be run by outsiders, instead they should work to make it township.Granger added that it is common knowledge that the weather patterns in the Rupununi savannah are unique and significantly different from those in the rest of the country.“There is one long dry season from August to April and one long wet season from May to July,” Granger said.Although the administration was faced with almost the identical flood situation some five years ago, it still seems ill-prepared for a recurrence, he added.“There seems to be no disaster preparedness plan for the Region. No Civil Defence stores have been stocked there although there is a warehouse which is not being used,” Granger said.He said that there seems to be no mobilization of voluntary relief workers. Granger condemned the government for not having the Linden- Lethem access road completed and called for its immediate surfacing to ensure integration of the region with the rest of the country.He also insisted that Lethem must be upgraded to the status of a town to allow residents to elect a municipality which is more concerned about their interest.Also a volunteer Militia must be recruited, trained and equipped to carry out civil defence tasks and protect the community during fire,NFL Jerseys Authentic, floods and other disasters.Granger said that he is willing to work along with the Government to properly manage the situation in Lethem.He said that a majority of the persons in Lethem feel that the situation could have been prevented.

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Police Thursday night recovered the lifeless body of 33-year-old, Shakti Bissessar, formerly of Lima, Essequibo Coast, some hours after she went missing. It was floating in the Pomeroon River.The body of Bissessar,Cheap Jerseys Online, a mentally challenged woman, was taken to the Oscar Joseph Hospital to await a post mortem.According to reports, Bissessar visited her brother at Tennessee,NFL Jerseys Supply, in the Pomeroon several days ago.The report added, that on the day she went missing,NFL Jerseys Supply, the woman was said to have used a pit latrine that hung over the river.The report suggested that from all indications,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Bissessar,cheap nfl jerseys, who usually suffered frequent epileptic attacks, may have suffered an attack and fell overboard.Searches were conducted the day of the incident,NFL Cheap Jerseys, after Bissessar’s relatives could not have located her. A child discovered the woman’s body floating in the river on Thursday.An alarm was raised and a report was subsequently lodged at the Charity Police Outpost.There were no marks of violence on Bissessar’s body.

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by Sir Ronald Sanders(The writer is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London and Massey College, University of Toronto)Recently,Wholesale Jerseys From China, it has become fashionable for Caribbean achievers to write memoirs. I applaud this trend. So much distorted and often jaundiced material has been written about Caribbean countries, their history and events by persons from outside the region that a book, reflecting on life in the region by a Caribbean person is a most welcome development.Such books bring a more intimate view and authentic perspective of the region and its peoples.Oscar Ramjeet’s “From Errand boy to Solicitor-General” is remarkable for its broad sweep through the Caribbean – from Guyana in the South to the US Virgin Islands in the North. It is peppered with the politics and the personalities in each of them,NFL Jerseys Supply, as experienced up-close by a consummate chronicler of events.Ramjeet gives a vivid, educative and entertaining account of growing up in colonial British Guiana (now Guyana) and his subsequent experiences in other Caribbean countries, including St Vincent and the Grenadines and Belize where he served as Solicitor-General.A few gems of Guyanese life are revealed in Ramjeet’s account of his early life in a poor Indo-Guyanese family, including the ambition that their children should do better. His mother’s weeping when, at the age of eleven, he brought home his first pay packet from working in a saw mill was anything but joyful. She lamented the circumstances of her son’s child labour.But, then there was his father, a self-taught accounts clerk who got him a job, at the age of 12,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, as an errand boy in a leading law firm because he wanted his son to be a lawyer one day. Ramjeet’s father did not live to see him satisfy that ambition.In the lawyer’s office, Ramjeet encountered what appeared to be a miraculous instrument – a typewriter.   Ramjeet taught himself to type – a skill that he used to good advantage when he later launched into journalism, a passion that he never abandoned even though he went on to a career in the law in several countries.The racial tension between Guyanese of Indian and African descent was also a backdrop to Ramjeet’s experience but one which he eschewed for its ignorance and backwardness. Thus, he joined a Lodge, called the Mechanics, at the age of 21.   He was the only non-African member, evincing the comment from his Indian compatriots, ‘Look nuh, Oscar in de lodge wid de black people dem’.Education and practise of the law were Ramjeet’s two ambitions that he pursued single-mindedly. In his quest of the latter he secured a job as an ‘errand boy’ in a law firm of great note in Guyana. Two of its members – Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte – became heads of state. He rose eventually to the position of clerk.He combined this latter task with free-lance journalism for both radio and newspapers, becoming a well-known name throughout Guyana.   I encountered him myself in those days when I was a very young general manager of the national radio station and he was an older but accomplished broadcaster and writer.He brought to his reporting the same depth of research and quality of narration that are obvious in his book.Forbes Burnham, the first Prime Minister and first Executive President of Guyana remains a figure of great fascination to historians,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, politicians, academics and lawyers throughout the English-speaking Caribbean.   Ramjeet devotes an entire chapter of his book to Burnham whom he first met as a teenager and in whose law firm he worked as a clerk.For anyone seeking an insight into Burnham as a lawyer and politician, Ramjeet provides a first-hand view. One senses that while he is critical of Burnham, particularly in the final years of his regime, Ramjeet harbours a deep admiration – even affection – for the late Guyanese leader.In the event, the chapter is a candid narration of a close-up relationship with Burnham who seemed always to be kind. That kindness extended even when the Guyanese President became offended by a broadcast Ramjeet made that was critical of the government.Like many other West Indians, Ramjeet became a convinced Caribbean regionalist while studying for his law degree at the University of the West Indies (UWI). He says of that period, “My soul was becoming genuinely West Indian. I met and befriended many Trinidadians, Jamaicans, Barbadians, and students from the smaller Caribbean islands”. Among the many friends he made at the UWI were persons who became lawyers and political leaders in several Caribbean countries.Ramjeet provides an interesting narrative of the fortune and fate of many of them,Jerseys NFL China, as well as the ambitions that motivated them. He recalls, for instance, a rivalry between Vincent Teekah, later a minister in the Burnham government, and Herbert Volney, who became an ill-fated Minister of Justice in the Kamla Persad-Bissessar government in Trinidad and Tobago, over who would first address the United Nations.This chapter provides an understanding of the UWI’s central role in creating the importance of regional integration in the development of a Caribbean society.Ramjeet went on to become Registrar of the Supreme Court and Registrar of Companies in Montserrat and then Solicitor-General in St Vincent and the Grenadines and Belize. He also worked in private practice in the British Virgin Islands with one of the region’s great legal luminaries, Dr Joseph Archibald, who emerges in this memoir in the highest estimation of Ramjeet.His experiences in these Caribbean countries are written in the vein of pure theatre. There are candid accounts of court cases and the behaviour of lawyers and judges that are humorous but with serious over tones.   Even if the reader is not familiar with the characters and countries of these dramas, the narrative makes fascinating reading. They also provide an insight into the politics of the islands and the leaders who bestride them.In his varied careers,NFL Jerseys Supply, Ramjeet was also a Cricket administrator and knew well the Indo-Guyanese cricketers who came from Berbice, the area of Guyana where he was also born. He writes of cricket stars such as Rohan Kanhai, Alvin Kallicharran, and Joe Solomon with an intimacy born of his deep involvement with their careers.The overarching quality of this 352-page memoir published by The Caribbean Press is its no-holds-barred style and content. For sure, there will be many persons – dead and alive – that will not like Ramjeet’s book and would prefer it had not been published. He has displayed remarkable courage in telling the stories as he saw them. He pulls no punches even about himself, particularly his philandering.The book is written simply and engagingly. Its absolute frankness gives it great appeal. Historians, students of Caribbean law, and journalists will all find it a very interesting read.Responses and previous commentaries:

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